Ashland is one of the most privileged universities in the state of Ohio. With a enormous campus and great facilities for students, is well known that being a student in Ashland can guarantee you a great future.

But Ashland University is also known for their performance in sports leagues and community involvement with sports. That’s why one day I, Spencer Spaulding, decided to create Ashland Collegian. An informative website that has the most complete information in academics and the sports activities that are being played right now in Ashland University.

Ashland Collegian has years of experience bringing the best information and analysis in each match and league. Not to mention that we deal with the multiple sports and activities. Ashland has a primary focus for new recruits that want to take up action in the different sports available in our university, that’s why we invite any interested student to take part of one of our leagues.

One of the most played sports here in Ashland is Basketball and Ashland counts with a basketball team and a feminine basketball team as well. Since athletics activities means a lot in Ashland, here in Ashland Collegian we love to discuss the most important events with full details.

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