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As you may know, Ashland University offers you tons of options about your future, from the careers and courses that we provide to any of our students to the athletics activities that are often played in our campus. We are happy to be a university that is able to inspire any students to make exercise and join one of our sports league.

Ashland University also offers a lot of sports events that are being celebrated through the years. This can be from a friendly matchup of basketball against another university. Or, it could be some casual match being organized in a big sport event.

Not to mention that Ashland University also possess more than 20 different sports to choose from and join their respective teams. This makes Ashland University as a great option if you are looking to explore a new activity to do.

Not to mention that if you are in fact, interested in join one of their college teams. You might know the high reputation that Ashland University has in sports. This can be proving just by seeing all the many different sports events that they have succeed as champions.

For that, Ashland Collegian takes the charge of report these events and discuss about them with all details. We love to take part of the action and discuss about the performance of the players, while we give tips and advices on how to get better at it.

It doesn’t matter what type of sport event is. Ashland Collegian is in charge of taking full coverage of the event and we even talk about the game highlights and results since is our job to report these matches.