How to Get Involved in Ashland`s Intramural Sports Program

Our mission is to give the student as many chances to be a part of a funny, recreational, and healthy sports program. The programs give out many advantages to the students, like helping them to communicate better throughout sports, and making them liberate the stress of the university.

We created a non-violence program, to make the students interact with each other in a pacific way, they get involved with each other, helping them to be more social and open to having new interrelationships inside of the university.

There Are Lots of Options

We offer a numerous amounts of sports such as beach volleyball, Iron Eagle Triathlon Challenge, soccer, football, basketball, tennis, and more.

football - How to Get Involved in Ashland`s Intramural Sports Program

If you are interested in being a part of the Ashland’s Intramural Sports Program, what you have to do is, head out to and create an account, then register for the sport that you have in mind. Keep in mind that there are deadlines for each sport.

Breathe and Keep Trying

If you are not able to access the page, then you can personally go to the Customer Service desk and ask for guidance on your situation.

There are many things that this program can give the students, and here are some of the advantages that we offer:

woman athelte - How to Get Involved in Ashland`s Intramural Sports Program

Releasing Stress

Just by helping students to have a better healthy lifestyle, guiding them to interact with nature, and to have better leadership skills. Also helping them to let out the accumulated stress and violence that they might have inside them.

With this, the students have the ability to become better students and helping each other, having a better communication thanks to all the trainers involved.

This program also helps the students be more concentrated in their tasks. It’s confirmed that the physical activity can make the brain be at least 50% more concentrated.

The idea of the program is to help students be the best version of themselves, and to be ready for the life that awaits them.

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