3 Sports and Athletics Programs to Watch Out For

Sports have always been an important aspect of college life, and life in general. There is an incredibly large amount of high school students that participate in athletic activities, and all of those students would rather prefer to go to universities that offer programs related to their interests.

For that reason, and many more, is why every university out there offers a wide variety of programs for athletes that want to continue pursuing their passion. These programs not only help them work on their potential but also give them the opportunity to be worldwide known athletes.

In this article, we will show you some of the most outstanding sport and athletic programs that colleges offer. These universities are widely known, but this will help you know their best programs so that you don’t miss anything out.

football team - 3 Sports and Athletics Programs to Watch Out For

The University of Kentucky

This University located in Lexington, Kentucky is better known for having one of the greatest basketball programs ever. The Wildcats are definitely considered the factory of nowadays NBA players. They have won in many important championships. This program certainly outstands from the rest.

The University of Oklahoma

This University is located in Norman, Oklahoma. And it has an incredible history of athletic successes that include trophies from the NCAA team championship. Thanks to their men’s golf program and the gymnastics teams.

However, their greatest program offered is football. The college’s team, the Sooners, has been gathering many wins throughout history and has been the alma mater of professional athletes like Adrian Peterson.

sporty woman - 3 Sports and Athletics Programs to Watch Out For

The University of Oregon

This great university is located in Eugene, Oregon and it outstands for being the start point of some of the best teams of both men and women in the nation. They have many trophies among their shelves.

The University of Oregon is proud to have a field program that has been the cause of its known success. This facility is now called “the Carnegie Hall of track and field” and has been host to some of the most important indoor and outdoor championships, as well as the track and field for the Olympic Team Trials.

These incredible universities offer some of the best programs out there, and the proof of it is the many professional players that have emerged from them, as well as their long lists of well-deserved achievements, and here in Ashland Collegian, we take these examples to create better content and projects proposals for everyone.

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