IM Leagues – Did You Know This Initiative?

If you are in college, then you might have heard about IM Leagues, and you might not fully understand it. Or maybe you don’t have any clue about what is this about. Well, don’t worry anymore, thanks to this article we wrote in the blog, you will get to know all the ups and downs about this initiative.

What Is It

The IM Leagues is a project that was founded by two brothers, Greg and Doug Myers. Their purpose was to create a place that could help out intramural directors so that their job isn’t that hard. This way, students could have more chance of getting involved in intramural sports.

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The Creators

Greg Myers has a major in Finance and Information Systems, something that widely helped him in this project. He worked for about two years in an IT enterprise that had a training program in IT management, aimed at a large conglomerate. That experience helped him with this project.

Doug Myers, his brother, graduated from Wake Forest University with a major in Business. He has gathered a lot of years of experience in Sustainable Enterprise and Finance.

Both of them are very interested in sports, they enjoy playing basketball and things like that. For this reason, they created this initiative to support colleges in these kinds of processes. I wasn’t only their interest in sports but also their experience and what they could offer.

How Does It Work

This is an online intramural league registration program where you can find customer services that help you out throughout the process of joining these types of programs.

Their services help students to get involved in athletic activities. Their amazing platform has all the tools for success, from an easy way to understand things, to nice aesthetics and an interactive page. All of this eases the whole process so that there is a larger approach to these programs.

These are some of the most important things that you need to know about IM Leagues. This project created a platform that allows many college programs have a greater approach to students, and makes it easy for those interested to participate in said programs.

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