Ashland University Sports Clubs – Do You Know What’s Our Offer?

The Ashland University has been offering the chance of a sport club since 1999. These clubs provide the opportunity to many students to compete with other fellow students from other universities. Adding to this we also provide the chance of participating and practicing sports in a non-competitive way, only for recreational motives. We’d like to thank for helping us with this program and also providing coverage on our fundraising each year.

The Students Have the Lead Role

We allow students to run these types of activities helping them to become more organized, to have responsibilities, and to learn how to cope with these things. With these activities the students have the amazing opportunity to travel and competing over-seas, being able to play and be a part of different events and games and to also get to know the places they go to.

students - Ashland University Sports Clubs - Do You Know What's Our Offer?

The sports club is characterized by being more professional and serious when it comes to competing. The team should be ready to be perfectly organized, even though the level of difficulty varies from the club to club.

It Can Be Recreational As Well

We also give out the opportunity to students of just learning to play a sport in a recreational way, if they don’t want to compete, they can just be a part of a club that can teach them the most important part of the games.

The club is available for every student. Women have available sports clubs like basketball, rugby, soccer, softball, and volleyball. And the men have available baseball, basketball, lacrosse, rugby, and soccer.

happy - Ashland University Sports Clubs - Do You Know What's Our Offer?

Mental Health Is Considered Crucial

With the club sport we give out chances to students of becoming a more united group, and to help them be the best version of themselves by giving a major help with their mental health, offering them guidance in improving their moods, becoming more relaxed and allowing them to liberate all of the stress that college can bring.

The sports clubs also help to improve their concentration, and help them at the same time maintain a good healthy weight, it can also benefit their sleep habits, which can help them come to school in a good mood, and have a better outlook for the day

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