4 Facts about Ashland’s History in College Sports

As you might have heard before, The Ashland University has a long path filled with success in athletics. We are very proud of the different prizes our students have made. We have amazing programs that offer many opportunities to those involved.

In order to fully understand the greatness of our athletic department, we want to share some of the most outstanding facts about it. So here are some things that might surprise you about us, and we in Ashland Collegian gathered all the information.

Our Mascot

In order to promote the involvement of our students in athletic activities, we created a mascot that represents our skills! That’s how Tuffy the Eagle was created. The Athletic Department is in charge of everything that has to do with the mascot.

Tuffy is a student that wears a costume of an Eagle, its representative colors are purple and gold, the last costume purchased was funded by the University’s Alumni Association.

college football - 4 Facts about Ashland's History in College Sports

Our Presence in the National Athletic Scene

We have stood out in the national athletic scene for many years, as some of our greatest achievements include winning 54 Championships from the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

Long List of Successes

Besides that, we also have on our history of successes winning the Presidents’ Trophy not only once but three times already! We have always been outstanding, being runner-up 18 times. We also have 121 national championships with all kinds of teams, individual games and more.

We have competitions for both men and women, the indoor and outdoor tracks are a great example. These teams have achieved being in the top ten national finishes. This is proof of how our programs and students have so much potential!

Girl Power

The women have been the highlight of many seasons. The women’s basketball team has been victorious in the NCAA Division II Championships two times already. On another hand, the women’s swimming and diving teams have won the fifth position in the country. And another great achievement from our amazing girls is coming from the women’s golf team which was placed in the ninth national position, twice.

girls - 4 Facts about Ashland's History in College Sports

The list goes on and on, we are very proud to have an active participation in nowadays college sports scene. Our interest in helping our students to develop their own skills has been the key to our strong presence in the sports fields. We are very proud of our achievements and we are working hard to make the list grow!

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