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Being a private university, Ashland possess a great number of students that go with the hope of becoming a better person. While they make an effort with their academics, a lot of students choose to develop skills with the different sports that Ashland has to provide.

Since Ashland possess an incredible number of available sports team to join and practice. It can be an even more incredible task to write about them and take the most important information of each game. That’s why we are now looking for an interested participant that wishes to write for Ashland Collegian

Ashland Collegian needs volunteers more than never to help us write about the latest matchups and performance of our sports teams. Not to mention that you need to have the knowledge in sports to write properly about them, and you have to know how to redact an article properly.

Since our university is now adding more activities in sports such as “E-sports” Is important to stay informed about these new activities and know how to write about them. Since e-sports are a new trend between colleges, is important to stay updated about the events that surround these new sports.

With this being said, is not easy to form part of Ashland Collegian. But if you are still interested in join us and write about the many different sports that we play in Ashland University. Please feel free to write us an email or call us using our contact information provided. We will receive your message and write you as soon as possible.